Kidney Recipes Recommended: Leek Egg Skin Rolling Prawns

Kidney Recipes Recommended: Leek Egg Skin Rolling Prawns

Among the food in the Qingming season, Qingming shrimp is a kind of river fresh that the public likes. At this time, the shrimp is characterized by thin shells and small shrimps. Although it is not yet the most fatty, it is better than crisp and sweet.It’s also delicious.

In addition, it can strengthen aphrodisiac and strengthen bones, nourish blood and solidify essence, nourish qi and nourish yang.

Today, the soup is cooked with prawns, chives, and eggs, which is delicious and delicious.

   Practice: 3?
For 4 persons.

Wash the chives to remove the roots and cut into sections; 2.

Wash the prawns, scoop the eggs into the bowl and add salt to beat into the egg liquid; 3.

3. Soak the mushrooms in water and slice them;

Put 1 tablespoon of oil in a hot pan, pour in egg liquid, spread into egg skin, scoop up slightly and cut into strips; 5.

Pour 5 bowls of water into the pot and boil, roll the ginger slices and shiitake mushrooms for 5 minutes, then roll the leek slightly, then add the shrimp and egg skin, cook until the shrimp is cooked, season with salt and chicken powder and taste.
  Efficacy: Yiqi Yangyang, kidney and stomach.

  ● The soup soup made by frying eggs into the egg skin is more delicious.

  ● Gourmet Science Hall Leek Spring leek is particularly fragrant.

At this time, eating more leek can enhance the spleen and stomach of the human body, and it is also uncomfortable for liver function.

Therefore, leek has been known as “the first gourmet of spring vegetables” since ancient times.

  In addition, chives have been regarded as medicinal from a very early stage, such as fried shrimp with chives, which can aphrodisiac, strengthen the spleen and kidney, treat waist and knee weakness, night sweats, nocturnal emission, frequent urination, etc.Liver-kidney, tonic-yang food.

Leek juice and ginger juice with sugar can be used to treat nausea and vomiting in women during pregnancy. Leek fried pork liver or pig kidney can treat tinnitus, deafness, dizziness, yin deficiency and night sweats caused by elderly kidney deficiency; scrambled eggs with chives can be raised in warmBlood is effective for treating asthma and phlegm.

In addition to eating, it can also be applied topically. Sometimes swelling and bruising, muscle tenderness and pain, and skin bruise can be smashed with fresh leeks and added to shochu and applied to the affected area. Changing it two to three times a day is very effective.

  Leek is rich in nutrition, suitable for most people, and can be eaten regularly. It is only beneficial to the body and not harmful, because leek is a warm vegetable, and people at the bottom have no cold and cold.

In addition to fried food, leek can also be used to roll soup and make fillings. The taste is just as delicious.

  Leek boiled radish with 300 grams of pig red chives, 200 grams of pig red, one white radish, one red pepper.

Wash the leek and cut into sections; wash and peel the white radish and cut into pieces; wash the pig red and cut into pieces; wash the red pepper and cut the seeds and shred; place two tablespoons of oil in the hot pan and fry the leek and pepperSimmer until 7 is ripe, boil an appropriate amount of water, add radish and cook until cooked, remove and drain the water; put an appropriate amount of water in the pot and boil, add oil, pig red, chicken powder, soy sauce and salt and roll for 5 minutes, thenCook chives, red peppers and radishes for 8 minutes, sprinkle with pepper, and serve.

It has a delicious flavor, warms the stomach and warms the stomach.

  1 cup of chives pancake sticky rice flour, 50 grams of chives.

Mix the chopped chives with glutinous rice flour, add an appropriate amount of salt, add water in portions, stir with chopsticks while adding water, and knead into dough until it does not stick to your hands; put the dough in a random size ball, useSqueeze by hand, heat the oil pan, don’t use too much oil, put the dough into the pan, keep it on medium heat, slowly squeeze the dough with a spatula, fry until the dough can slide freely, and turn it over.Add a few drops of oil to one side of the pan and continue to fry over medium heat until golden. The frying process can be repeated once to make the cakes evenly cooked. The same method is used to fry the dough and eat while hot.

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