[Can cefradine capsule treat pelvic effusion]_ efficacy _ effect

[Can cefradine capsule treat pelvic effusion]_ efficacy _ effect

Pelvic effusion is a very common gynecological inflammation. Pelvic effusion is simply referred to as inflammation of the pelvis and complications still leak out. Pelvic effusion does not seem to be a particularly serious disease.It is caused by pathology, everyone is best to recognize and actively treat, but if you want to treat pelvic effusion completely, it is best to go to the hospital for examination and symptomatic treatment.

How is pelvic effusion caused?

1. Infection after gynecological surgery: When female friends are performing some artificial surgery, ring placement surgery, fallopian tube angiography, etc., if the disinfection during the surgery is not strict, then it is easy to cause women’s infection problems after surgery.

2. Inflammation of nearby organs: Some female friends will have some appendicitis or inflammation of the peritoneum, and women’s reproductive organs are nearby. Complications can be easily caused if the complications are not handled in time, which will eventually lead to women.Pelvic local arthritis.

3, menstrual period do not pay attention to hygiene: female friends during menstrual cramps, the endometrium will be replaced, so that the sinuses inside the uterine cavity will appear open, and there will be clotted blood clots, etc., at this timeVery suitable for the growth of bacteria.

Therefore, if female friends do not pay attention to their personal hygiene during menstruation, or do not use standard sanitary napkins, toilet paper, etc., or have sex during menstruation, they will provide good bacteria growth and infection.The chance that this can trigger pelvic inflammatory disease in women.

4. Postpartum and post-abortion infections: Female friends have suffered a lot of damage to their bodies after giving birth and induced abortion, so their bodies are very weak, their physical resistance and immunity are relatively low, and at this time women’s cervixThe mouth is also in an expanded state. At this time, if you do not pay attention to personal hygiene, then all bacteria in the vagina and cervix may continue to rise and cause female pelvic infection.

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