Top ten women’s menstrual maintenance points

Top ten women’s menstrual maintenance points

There is no doubt that women’s resistance during menstruation will decline. At this time, the body is particularly susceptible to various types of germs and cause diseases. Therefore, women’s health during menstruation is particularly important.

The following are ten key points for women’s menstrual maintenance.

Ten key points for women’s menstrual maintenance: Point 1: Pay attention to keep warm during the physiological period, which means less air-conditioning and more clothes in air-conditioned rooms.

Point two: Try not to wash your hair during the physiological period. If you have to wash your hair, try to wash it at noon. After washing your hair, you must dry it immediately.

Point three: It is important to refuse fatigue and take a full rest. Excessive fatigue can lead to prolonged periods or excessive blood loss.

Point four: Avoid bathing. Because the uterine opening is relatively open during the physiological period, it is also very susceptible to contamination.

Point 5: Don’t be too emotional. The so-called girls naturally feel bad during the physiological period, but don’t indulge yourself in losing your temper, because temper will disturb your menstrual period and hurt your liver.

Point 6: Eat some sweets. Eat chocolate and cake during the physiological period, because it is easier to gain weight when you eat sweets during the physiological period.

It can also help blood metabolism.

Point seven: Avoid cold drinks. This is very basic common sense. Do n’t go against it. Do n’t make fun of your beauty. Drinking ice water will prevent the dirt from being discharged smoothly, and staying in the body is absolutely harmful to the body.

Please look at the following beverages to make your physiological period more comfortable: longan red dates tea, health tea, Zhenwei Danzhi, brown sugar ginger water, Huangpi wolfberry tea, rose tea (especially if you have menstrual pain, you can drink rose tea).

Point eight: You can eat more sesame oil pig liver during the first few days of the physiological period.

You can eat sesame oil kidney flower in the next few days.

In addition, sesame oil scrambled eggs and nine-story tower are also good physiological food.

Point 9: Facial cleansing should be done during the physiological period because pores are relatively open, it is easy to develop acne, facial cleansing should be done, and shampooing during physiological periods is also easy to cause acne and acne.

Point 10: After the physiological period, take care of the four things soup!

It is a mistake to drink Siwu Tang during menstruation. It is not effective to drink Siwu Tang until the visceral blood has been eliminated, otherwise it will be used up.

Siwu soup can be cooked with ribs or chicken. It is best to add rice wine.

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