What food is good to eat with wheat

What food is good to eat with wheat

Protein has an important and irreplaceable effect on our human body. Amino acids are the basic unit of protein. The types and contents of amino acids in various foods are different. If the mix is reasonable, the amino acids in protein can reach a complementary balance and improve food.Nutritional value, you can receive half the amount of effect.

The nutritional value of protein is expressed by “biovalue”. If the biovalue exceeds, the nutritional value exceeds.

Soy protein is high in lysine and slightly lower in methionine. It is an ideal amino acid complementary food for cereal protein.

  Wheat + soy soybean, when the wheat-based food is consumed alone, the biovalence of protein is 64 and 67 respectively. Therefore, if you eat 100 grams of soy protein, it can only absorb 64 grams in the body.

  If the two types of food are mixed and eaten in the proportion of 33% and 67%, the biovalence of protein can be increased to 77, which exceeds that of beef (biovalence 76).


Because the lysine content of the protein in wheat food is insufficient, the methionine content is high; while the protein in soybean is low in methionine and high in lysine.

  Corn + soybean + wheat corn, soybean, wheat are mixed and eaten in the proportion of 40%, 20%, 40%, and the biological value of the protein can be increased to 70.

Insufficient lysine and tryptophan in corn protein, rich in methionine; insufficient lysine in protein in whole wheat flour, rich in methionine; and protein in soybean food contains low methionine, lysine, and tryptophanThe content is higher.

If these two foods are eaten at the same time, it is beneficial to improve the nutritional value of protein.

  When wheat + millet + beef + soy wheat, millet, beef, and soy foods are consumed alone, the biological value of their protein is 67, 57, 69, 64, if the proportion of 39%, 13%, 26%, 22%When mixed, the biovalence of protein can be increased to 89.

This is due to insufficient lysine content in wheat protein; millet lacks lysine and is rich in methionine and tryptophan; beef is rich in lysine and methionine; soy protein contains low methionine and lysine, Tryptophan content is higher.

These foods are very complementary, and the nutritional value of protein exceeds milk when mixed.

  Protein complementary method: daily diet with common sense: 1.

The farther the species of the food, the better, such as vegetarian food.


The richer the food, the better.


There is a little bit of all kinds of food at the same time.

After the protein is absorbed into the body, it usually stays in the blood for 4 hours, then reaches various tissues and organs, and then synthesizes the protein of each tissue and organ. Different amino acids must be reached at the same time to play a complementary role.

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