Will you challenge your weaknesses?

Will you challenge your weaknesses?

Xiaoping chose this job because she wanted to change her personality too much.

She has always envied those who are lively and cheerful, can speak well, and have the ability to do everything in various social situations.

Although she is inherently introverted and indifferent to words.

She wanted to be that kind of person, just like many little girls have dreamed of celebrities.

Young Xiaoping decided to change himself and challenge his weakness.

  She went to apply and became a member of the sales department of that company.

The previous task is familiar with product analysis data. Xiaoping has done more preparations than others, but when it comes to meeting customers and people, Xiaoping is inevitably nervous.

She has never been enough for her own level, always feeling that she is asking others to buy her own things.

I can’t help sighing at the ease, calmness, and even domineering of colleagues and children when dealing with people.

The child never felt that she was begging to buy things when she was selling. She said that I was helping them to improve their performance. The professional self-confidence and firm self-knowledge were written on her.

There is a social star factor in the character of the child. She likes to be lively and to deal with people.

Xiaoping did his best and didn’t know how to talk to others, but the child became familiar with him within five minutes.

Telling jokes at the dinner table and cooperating and singing in karaoke, all Xiaoping felt that it was a crime, and the children felt very enjoyed.

The character Xiaoping desperately wants to shape is the nature of a child.

Xiaoping’s hard work has little effect, and the child can easily reach the goal.

  Over the next few years, Xiaoping, who had always wanted to change, did not become cheerful, but was even more depressed, and his sales performance was always low.

The child has always lived like a fish. In the customer group and in the office, she is always a pistachio for young and old. People like the child’s understanding, warmth and cheerfulness.

Xiaoping also really wants to be a person that everyone likes, and wants to be good to everyone, but he is clumsy and often says the first half of the sentence, and people have no interest in communicating with her.

As soon as the child spoke, they were interested in talking to her.

Xiaoping feels that communicating with everyone is a task, and calling and eating with customers is also a task, and those “tasks” are things that children are willing to do.

Xiaoping’s ambition to transform himself has finally fallen in the face of reason and reality.

  Introverted, Mu Na’s Xiaoping finally returned to herself, she re-applied for a job, and buried herself as a silent member of the company.

Although Xiaoping is still envious of people who can talk and laugh in front of everyone, it is their world.

She works hard in her own world. Although it is not as good as others, after a few years, she unknowingly has her own understanding of the market and the industry, and there are also headhunting companies who have come to see her.

  If he continues to challenge his weaknesses, Xiaoping can’t imagine what he will look like.

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