Twelve loofah diet prescriptions can cure wind and cold cough

Twelve loofah diet prescriptions can cure wind and cold cough

Introduction: Many people know that loofah is one of the vegetables for whitening and beauty, but according to Chinese medicine, the medicinal value of loofah is much more than that.

Loofah can cure complications such as scurvy, bacillary dysentery, and sore throat.

The following editors introduce twelve diet prescriptions about loofah, I hope it will help you.

  Loofah is sweet, cool, enters the liver, stomach meridian, has Qingshu cooling blood, detoxifies laxative, expelling wind and phlegm, moisturizes and beauty, passes meridian, blood flow, lower milk, regulates irregular menstruation, etc., can be used forTreatment of fever, body irritability, respiratory cough, intestinal wind hemorrhoids, collapse, leakage, bleeding, treatment of sores and boils, women’s milk is not low and other alternatives.

The loofah has a sweet and smooth flavor, and it can pass through the Twelve Classics.

   Loofah contains B vitamins that prevent skin aging and vitamin C that whitens the skin. It can protect the skin, eliminate plaque, make the skin white and tender. It is a rare beauty product. Therefore, loofah juice has “beauty water”.Called.

Loofah has a high content of vitamin C, which contains 8 mg per 100 grams. It can be used for ascorbic disease and to prevent various vitamin C deficiency.

In addition, below are some of the remaining diet recipes for loofah.

  (1) Treatment of sinusitis: Dried loofah is roasted in an iron pan and ground into fine powder.

Take 6 grams each time, flush with warm water in the morning on an empty stomach for 8 days.

  (2) Treatment of sore throat: Wash the tender loofah, squeeze the juice, and add an appropriate amount of sugar.

1 spoon daily, 3 times a day.

  (3) Treating cold and cough: Loofah is self-baked, ground into fines, and refining honey into pills, 9 grams each time, 3 times a day.

  (4) Bacteria treatment: Loofah roots, stems, and leaves are slight. After washing, smash the juice and take 2 spoons each time, 3 times a day.

  (5) Insufficient milk: Method 1: 60 grams of loofah, 1 trotter, stewed as a dish after cooking.

Method 2: One old loofah, dry in the shade, storable, researched, and washed with rice wine, 9 grams each time.

  (7) Treatment of blood in stool caused by hemorrhoids: Method 1: 30 grams of loofah flower, 15 grams of locust flower, decoction, once a day.

Method 2: Cut 250 grams of fresh loofah, slice 200 grams of lean pork, add water to cook the soup, and season with salt after cooking.

  (8) Treatment of neuralgia: Drink the loofah juice after warming it, the dosage depends on the symptoms, about 100ml per day, or use the loofah leaves and stems to smash the juice to absorb the affected area, and it is also effective.

  (9) Treatment of bloated skin: 1 fresh loofah, apply it to the affected area after smashing, and then wrap with gauze, change the dressing once a day.

  (10) Treatment of urticaria: a handful of fresh loofah leaves, smashed and squeezed the juice, add the borneol above to absorb the affected area.

  (11) Treatment of alopecia areata: slice old loofah, and wipe the area without hair until the fever is local, 2-3 times a day.

  (12) Treat excessive foot sweat: Burn the old loofah into charcoal, grind it into fine powder, sprinkle it in shoes, and wear it barefoot for half a month.

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