The original style of sexy suits you?

The original style of sexy suits you?

Translation: Where do you or your girlfriend usually undress when they are wearing clothes?


sexy low-cut

Off-the-shoulder sexy C.

Bare shoulders need another D.

Open arms sexy type E.

Backless Sexy F.

Open belly sexy G.

Bare-legged sexy result analysis: A.

Choosing the “low-cut sexy type” woman who likes to wear low-cut is a feminine, provocative and aggressive men, aggressive, enthusiastic, and drunk men.

Such women lack a sense of security, are easily surrounded by love, and change their hearts.

  B.Choosing the “shoulderless sexy” shoulder is the most charming place for women. The girl who loves bare shoulders is a gentle woman who is very confident in her face, hairstyle, and shoulder lines. For love, she likes to be intoxicated by being loved.There is a strong passion and joy about the other half.

  C.Choosing “shoulders should be covered again” is a little satisfied with her appearance but not dare to show off, it is shy sexy plus stuffy type, like the looming sexy to satisfy the mood of sao bag, tend to be conservative with love, likeEnd-of-mind.


The girl who likes “exposed arms sexy type” likes to expose her arms is a girl who likes to express herself and attracts attention. She has a strong desire for expression and is easy to attract.

However, there is a kind heart that is easy to be hurt. I don’t like vomiting bitter water.

  E.Selecting a “backless sexy” female has a skinny arc on the buttocks, which often makes boys feel emotional, confident, decisive, and likes and dislikes are her characteristics. She has a deep self-expectation for work and a persistent self-consciousness for love.Once in love, the whole person is helpless.

  F.Choosing the “sexy-sexy type” strongly pursues the trend of popularity, fast-food love is enjoyed, rebellious, self-identified, and courageous in expression, but I hope for a lasting love in my heart, and I cannot bear loneliness alone.

  G.Choose “exposed legs sexy type” who likes to wear mini skirts is an action-oriented forward who is full of vitality and doesn’t like a lot of regulations. He pursues the work and love in his mind and can even shake his head and return.

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