[Does sexual life expect menstrual periods?]_Sex life_Legal leave_Adverse effects_Notes

[Does sexual life expect menstrual periods?]_Sex life_Legal leave_Adverse effects_Notes

The incidence of menstruation and irregular menstruation are common problems in gynecological diseases. Female friends in daily life have this question. Will sexual life prolong menstruation?

The answer is yes, what is the reason, because sexual life affects normal endocrine conditions, then menstruation will occur, but don’t worry, pay more attention to rest and drink plenty of water.

Many people still need to pay more attention to the first cause of prolonged menstruation.

Women’s menstrual cycle is generally 28?
30 days.

It is still within the normal range about 7 days in advance or postponed, and the cycle length varies from person to person.

But if more than 7 days have not come to menstruation.

There are two main reasons to consider menstruation, the first is pregnancy, and the second is irregular menstruation.

After having a menstrual replacement in women who have sex, first consider whether they are pregnant.

After ruling out pregnancy, consider irregular menstruation.

If female friends often have menstrual expectations, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination.

For women of childbearing age who have had sex, they often suspect themselves when their menstruation is abnormal, whether it is abnormal menstruation or already pregnant. This problem is a very common phenomenon for the time being.

How to rule out pregnancy and how to determine it is a menstrual disease, this is a problem that must be distinguished first.

If the menstrual cycle has always been normal, there have been no increased complications, and there are some manifestations of pregnancy reactions, the urine should be tested on the fifth day after menstrual replacement (the fifth day can also be calculated from the beginning of menstruation),If it is positive, it should be combined with gynecological pelvic examination; if the cervix is purple-blue, the uterus is full or enlarged, and there may be breast pain, nausea and other accompanying symptoms, which can be diagnosed as pregnancy.

Of course, you can also quickly determine if you are pregnant through B-ultrasound.

Endocrine disorders after long-term use of birth control pills can also cause delayed menstruation.

Based on patient feedback, doctors also found that a new generation of gastrokinetic drug domperidone, also known as domperidone, may also be caused.

There are many reasons for the delay of menstruation. The above are the answers that we will do one by one for everyone. In the face of repeated menstruation, we must first maintain a good attitude, actively respond to avoid corresponding complications, pay more attention to diet, andMood, maintain a good mood, pay more attention to your body, because emotional factors also affect menstruation, so you need to maintain emotional stability.

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