Medicinal Food Rose

Medicinal Food Rose

Rose Chinese medicine with the same source of medicine and food believes that the rose tastes slightly bitter and has a mild temperature.

In addition, the rose is very mild in medicinal properties, which can nourish the heart and liver blood veins, relax the body’s depression, and thus calm, soothe and antidepressant.

Women often have some emotional irritability before or during menstruation, and drinking a rose can exert a regulating effect.

In today’s increasingly stressful work and life, even if it is not menstrual period, you can drink more roses, soothe, and stabilize your mood.

Rose tea is an adjuvant treatment for depression and anxiety.

And often drinking rose tea also helps to lose weight, and there is no mutual, at the same time can also whiten freckle, is the holy product of beauty.

Color of rose tea What color is rose tea brewed into?

I believe many friends don’t know yet.

  Many people on the Internet are asking what color the rose tea should be. Some people say that the rose tea is green, and some people say it is blue. So what exactly is the rose tea brewing?

  Rose tea is a high-end tea made by mixing fresh rose flowers with the bud tips of tea in proportion and using modern high-tech craftsmanship. Its aroma is strong and light, but not fierce.

  After brewing the rose tea, the color of the rose flower will gradually fade, but the tea soup is not red, it is a little yellow and a little green, so this is a good rose.

  Generally, roses are dry without any red color, because red pigment particles are most easily decomposed by heat, green-yellow is normal, and boiling water will gradually fade into white, if it does not become white, you should worry about it.Already.

For rose tea or rose green tea, the color of rose tea soup is similar to that of normal green tea soup, slightly darker and yellowish.

  There are two types of rose tea: a purple rose and a pink rose.

  In terms of efficacy, purple roses have no effect, while pink roses have: qi and stagnation, blood stasis, anti freckles, anti frostbite, whitening and beauty, conditioning female physiological problems, eliminating work fatigue and other effects.

  In terms of color, if you do not look closely, you will find that some colors are the same, but if you look closely, you will find that the pink rose is lighter.

  Now many rose teas are artificially added with some pigments, so sometimes the bubbles are blue. So the old Chinese medicine reminds you to go to the website or store to buy rose tea. You can also judge the rose tea by the followingTrue or false: 1.

When the rose tea is first brewed, it is a little yellow and a bit greenish. Don’t be afraid if it turns red, it is just that the rose tea may not be dried.


The rose has been bubbled a lot, and it turns white in the end.

  Many people make roses into rose wine, and some people use roses as tea for daily health care.

These methods are a good way to eat roses, but there are also disadvantages, that is, the nutrients cannot be completely absorbed by the body.

With the advent of rose tea, many women have nourished their physiology while tasting sweetness.


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