Seven Misunderstandings of Whitening Uselessness


Seven Misunderstandings of Whitening Uselessness

The skin is not white enough, is it useless to use as much skin care products as possible?

Maybe the problem is no longer on the product you use, see if you have made the following seven whitening mistakes!


hzh {display: none; }  美白误区之一 晚上没有紫外线  白领一族几乎抛舍不下彩妆。When beauty is flying in the wind, it also leaves hidden dangers to the skin.

If the makeup is not carefully removed, the skin is not clean, and the cuticles of the epidermis cannot be removed with random procedures. Over time, the cuticles become thicker, the pores are separated, the skin will lose its luster and elasticity, and it will have yellowing, enlarged pores and acne.

So remove makeup to lose weight seriously.

Foundations, eye shadows, etc. used in makeup generally contain oil. You need to use an oily cleansing cream (cold cream) to clean it first, and then wash it with a cleansing milk. Double cleansing can completely remove the residual makeup, sebum secretions and adhere to the skin.The dirt can make the pores clear, and the skin can be fresh and breathable, and breathe freely.

  Whitening Misunderstanding 2 Insufficient sleep has nothing to do with whitening. Sleep well, sleep well, and sleep well. Have you taken into account the quality and quantity of sleep?

Although everyone needs different sleep periods and different pressures, staying up late, all night, sacrificing sleep and the result of overdraft youth slows down metabolism, and melanin deposition can be accompanied by dark spots, freckles, and dark circles.Come.

So if you want to cover your tired face or dark circles, how much concealer you need to apply, and how thick the foundation is, in order to get the illusion of fairness and brightness.

In fact, as long as you have a normal life, normal schedule and adequate sleep, you can free whitening without having to spend a dime, have you done it?

  Whitening Misunderstandings Three Famous Brands Whitening 100 Hairs in 100 Cents First, during World War II, due to lack of materials, many women appeared a lot of dark spots after using inferior cosmetics. This kind of female facial melanosis is also called “war”Dermatosis “.

Now the cosmetics experts are high-quality, natural, and although the dermatosis has been reduced, relatively many cosmetic incompatibility problems have occurred.

Are you the “wind vane” of brand-name cosmetics, admiring brand-names and prices desperately?

Think it’s the best option as long as it’s expensive?

In fact, the principle of choosing skin care products is to “fit yourself” as the first priority. Just like buying shoes, no matter how beautiful and novel, you have to give up as long as it doesn’t fit; therefore, don’t buy the whole set at one go.Expensive cosmetics, unless you are sure to “match” with yourself!

  Whitening Misunderstandings No. 4 A set of whitening products goes all over the world. Even in China, from south to north, the temperature can differ by dozens of degrees, not to mention other regions or countries?

Modern people often run indoors, on the ground, at home, abroad, and on the ground. Different regions, seasons, latitudes, and altitudes have different temperatures and humidity. If you often have hot and cold temperatures at home, don’t expect them.With the same set of whitening supplies, you can travel all over the world.

An assortment of sunscreen products and sun protection indices with different coefficients are actually aimed at different time and space. The correction products developed by them must not cause great harm to the skin due to negligence!

  Whitening Misunderstanding No. 5 Eating randomly can also damage beautiful women. Are you addicted to certain foods?

If you don’t drink coffee or hot pot, will McDonald’s and chocolate feel unwell or uncomfortable?

From the point of view of eating whitening, those foods hiding behind beautiful packaging are really the enemy of whitening and should not be taken lightly.

In fact, taboo is really important for you who want to whiten, you must eat lightly, especially eat more green vegetables and fresh fruits, and supplement vitamin C at any time; coix kernels, milk, honey, lemon, and even the effect of lightening the spotsOh!

  Whitening Misconception No. 6 The formula that whitens you overnight. Don’t be seduced by exaggerated advertisements, thinking that as long as you lie there, you can immediately exchange for white skin.

There is no doubt that Chinese people travel abroad very popular, often in Southeast Asia to buy cheap and fast-acting whitening products.

However, due to the lack of regulation of local pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, which often contain mercury and hydroquinone, the skin will experience an unprecedented catastrophe after use.

You know, whitening is not fast, you must use mild products, and after a long period of maintenance, you can gradually transform into fair skin.

In addition, if you want to perform whitening surgery such as skin peeling, laser spot removal, etc., although you can achieve a fast whitening effect, if you want to take action, you must inquire to find a professional and guaranteed beauty institution or hospital, Take action after you have a clear grasp of your skin.

  Whitening Misunderstanding No. 7 Sun exposure will not affect whitening. This is an authentic “lazy beauty” idea.

You know, even if you have comprehensive sun protection measures, if you go to the beach or the mountain for a day, it will quickly turn black, let alone not protect it.

Sun exposure can accumulate points, or whether the sun is exposed for a long period of time must be drip-proof, otherwise a little flash may be lost.

Therefore, you must do your cleaning and maintenance work constantly to make your whitening dream come true!

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