See through nails healthy nails of different colors

See through nails healthy nails of different colors

Although most mammals have claws, nails are a sign that distinguishes primates from other mammals. Nails are unique to primates, and primates develop wider fingertip gripsthing.

Humans are primates, so we also use nails to do a lot of things, and through changes in nails, we can also trim changes in the body.

  Nail leukoplakia and kidney deficiency are mentioned in the new sexual knowledge published by the World Health Organization. 80% of those with kidney deficiency will find white spots on their nails in the early stage.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the liver hides blood, the kidney hides essence”, the liver “its bloom is in the claws”, and the nail is an indicator of whether liver blood is too much, and the same origin of the essence and blood can affect each other.

The discovery of some white spots on the nails may mean that Qi and blood are insufficient to maintain normal peripheral microcirculation, and the viscera itself has begun to have “qi deficiency and blood loss” from the microcirculation on its surface, which can be considered a manifestation of kidney deficiency becauseThe supply of qi and blood is reduced, and iron-containing foods should be eaten appropriately.

  With 8-10 months in both hands, the area of the best crescent is about 1/5 of the nail, and the edges are clear.

If it is less than 1/5, it may mean insufficient toxicity and poor gastrointestinal absorption.

Healthy people must have crescents on the thumbs of both hands, crescents on the index and middle fingers, and no crescents on the ring fingers.

It is best to have 8-10 months of teeth in both hands.

Generally speaking, the thumb, index finger, and middle finger all have crescents, and at least 6 months of teeth are considered basic health.

  Pay attention to the two types of nail texture. If your nails have horizontal texture, it means that you are stressed.

The appearance of vertical lines is a sign of aging.

Don’t panic when the initial lines appear, mainly due to malnutrition.

And this malnutrition may be caused by dieting.

If you have malnutrition, check your nails now to see if there are vertical lines.

  Nail biting is a psychological problem. Psychologists believe that nail biting to relieve stress is a strong reminder of this behavior in childhood, rather than a strong reminder of parents. The behavior of “nail nailing” may be retained, or even worse.The more you act, the more slowly this behavior becomes a release of a fixed emotion and a recurrence of the relationship.

Biting your nails will cause uneven growth of the teeth, exposed teeth, and other problems, which will cause nail deformities and cause infections and paronychia.

  Different color nails have different physical symptoms1.

Whitening of nails may be malnutrition or even anemia; if the nails turn white after pressing the nails, and the blood color needs to be restored continuously, it may be qi stagnation and blood stasis.


The most common cause of yellow nails is fracture infection. In a few cases, yellow nails may also be a sign of more serious diseases, such as severe thyroid disease, heart disease and psoriasis.


The blueish nails indicate hypoxia in the body. At this time, it is likely that you have a lung infection.


Nails are blue-purple should be alert to Raynaud’s syndrome and pay attention to whether there are signs that indicate connective tissue disease of the whole body, such as thinning of the skin, tightness, telangiectasias, rash, dry lips, etc. At the same time, observe the finger skin for ulcers or healingHyperkeratosis of the ulcer.

  The difference in nails reflects the health of the body, and major illnesses do not occur when such conditions occur. As long as we prevent minor illnesses, treat major illnesses, adhere to regular schedules and improve sleep quality; adhere to exercise to improve physical fitness;Pay attention to diet, and good health will naturally have a healthy body.

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