Keep your health in the spring and keep warm.

Keep your health in the spring and keep warm.

Spring health pays attention to “spring 捂”, that is, when the climate enters the spring from winter, you should pay attention to keep warm, don’t get cold, if you put cotton wool clothes too early, the cold will take advantage of it, hurting people’s yang, cold, coldRespiratory diseases such as bronchitis will be difficult to get rid of.

  So, what should “Spring” pay attention to?

There are two main aspects: even the disease of the original body is more serious.

  Therefore, it is necessary to keep warm in the spring, and it is not advisable to take off thick clothes too early.

You can carry a coat with you when you go out to prevent sudden cooling in the morning and evening.

  “Cold spring cold” Do not underestimate the spring is a common season of common diseases, especially chronic bronchitis, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis and other allergic diseases, when a high temperature mutation, or dust flying, symptoms will appear; plus”Cold spring cold” often makes the body’s resistance decline, so it should not be underestimated. It should strengthen physical exercise and enhance resistance in daily life.

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