Shake your legs to relieve fatigue and prevent aging


Shake your legs to relieve fatigue and prevent aging

There is a Chinese saying “Men shake the poor and women shake the low”, which means that it is not a good habit to shake legs often without men and women.

  But in fact, office workers who have been sitting in the office for a long time, besides working hard, often shake their legs without affecting other people, which is a good habit for health.

  ”Standing for an hour alone is often more uncomfortable than walking for an hour, and the same goes for sitting still.

“Wang Jun, a doctor of exercise physiology at Beijing Sport University, said,” If you are sedentary, you can cause poor blood and qi, relax your muscles, reduce your elasticity, swell your lower limbs, and get tired. The weight will affect blood circulation.

“Appropriate shaking of the legs can promote venous blood flow and accelerate blood recovery, soreness and fatigue can be recovered.

In addition, shaking your legs can also burn your aunts, which has a slimming effect.

In addition to shaking your legs, clap your hands with your hands and stand up and take a few steps to achieve the above effect.

  For the elderly, sitting for a long time, playing chess, etc. may also cause deep vein thrombosis in the lower limbs. When standing sharply, the thrombus may shift, return to the heart with the veins, and then reach the lungs, causing a fatal “pulmonary embolism.”

Therefore, shaking your legs often has a good effect on preventing embolism.

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