Wear three principles of sports underwear

Wear three principles of sports underwear

Many people think that the wearing of underwear during exercise has no effect, but it is not.

  Zhang Yimin, an associate professor at the School of Sports and Human Sciences, Beijing Sport University, said that different sports have different requirements for underwear, especially swimming, football, basketball, volleyball and other professional sports. Wearing the right underwear will give youBonus points for sport effects.

  ”In general, there are three principles of underwear worn during exercise.

Zhang Yimin said, first, the place where there is a strap cannot be tightened too tightly; second, the material needs to be breathable, and the sweat absorption is better; third, the elasticity is better.

From a gender perspective, women’s underwear should be tight and appropriate, loose breasts will shake, affect movement, tight and will tighten themselves, increase breathing speed, and cause discomfort.

In addition, the shoulder strap of underwear should be wider, otherwise it may cause chest tightness, shortness of breath, and poor blood circulation.

  For underwear, men’s and women’s underwear should choose cotton products that are generally loose, breathable and sweat-absorbent.

“Slightly looser underwear will reduce resistance during exercise.

Zhang Yimin said that it is best to choose a wide belt for underwear, and the size of underwear should not be too small, otherwise you will not be able to let go of your hands and feet and press the reproductive organs during exercise.

If the underwear is not breathable and sweat-absorbent, the shape and sweat stains generated after exercise cannot be eliminated in time, which affects genital hygiene, such as briefs, it is best not to wear during exercise.

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