Seven amazing roots can cure disease

Seven amazing roots can cure disease

“Clothing is warm, and the root is fragrant.” In fact, the replaced root also has high therapeutic and topical medicinal value. As long as it is thoroughly cleaned and rationally used, it can achieve nutrition and health care and prevent diseases.

  Cabbage root.

Sweet and slightly cold, it has the functions of clearing away heat and dissipating water, relieving the skin and dispersing cold, and nourishing the stomach and quenching thirst.

Wash and slice the cabbage root and take it with the decoction of ginger, spring onion, etc., which can treat the cold and fever in the early stage of the cold, and the stomach heat and Yin.

  Scallion root.

Warm and spicy, contains vitamin C, sugars.

The scallion root and light bean soup are smashed and boiled in water. Add brown sugar or cook porridge with the right amount of rice to prevent colds.

  Eggplant root.

Sweet and cold, contains a variety of alkaloids, vitamins B, C, carotene, aunt.

The eggplant root is chopped and fried into a thick juice, and brown sugar can be used to treat bronchitis.

  Celery root.

Sweet and slightly bitter.

Celery contains protein, trace amounts, vitamins, phosphorus, and calcium, which can refresh the brain, moisten lungs, and cough.

Taking celery root, jujube decoction, and eating jujube soup can prevent arteriosclerosis.

  Leek root.

Sexual taste, Xin Wen, has the effect of warming Qi, dispersing blood and detoxifying, swelling and pain relief.

Take the leek root and smash it and apply it to the wound to treat bruises.

  Convolvulus root.

Xingping, sweet, protein, trace, vitamin B1, B2, vitamin C, etc., have the effect of clearing heat and cooling blood, diuretic and detoxifying.

Decoction of 120 grams of water chestnut root can treat dysentery; smashing and external application can treat bruise and swelling; decoction with mouthwash can cure tooth decay.

  Spinach root.

Cool, sweet, can nourish, stop bleeding, astringent yin, moisturize.

Contains iron, protein, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, and vitamin K, which is lacking in general vegetables and fruits, which helps the skin and internal organs’ bleeding tendency.

In addition, eating spinach root regularly can enhance physical fitness, beauty and detoxification, protect eyesight, and stabilize mood.

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