Constipation is most likely caused by incorrect sitting posture

Constipation is most likely caused by incorrect sitting posture


As the saying goes, “Standing like a pine, sitting like a bell” warns us to stay upright all the time.

Otherwise, unless someone looks listless, it will cause all kinds of discomfort to the body.

Recently, a Japanese “naver” website article said that once you have the following problems, you need to pay attention to your posture.


Constipation, improper acne posture, such as bending over the hump, will compress the internal organs, affect blood circulation, reduce gastrointestinal digestive function, and cause constipation.

Toxins accumulate in the body and cannot be eliminated in time, which will cause acne around the corners of the mouth.


The cold vertebrae of the hands and feet support the weight of the upper body at both ends of the vertebrae, and are also the channels of the autonomic nerve.

If the posture is not correct, over time, it will compress the autonomic nerves, causing disorders, cold hands and feet, insomnia, headache, and fatigue.


Breathing and breathing for a long time, hump back or head up, chin work, Internet access, etc., will cause the spine to be in a curved state, compressing the diaphragm’s movements in the body, thereby making breathing shallower, and the symptoms of hypoxia in the brain over time,Dizzy, motion sickness, etc. while standing.


Obesity Bending over the hump will cause poor lymph circulation in the neck and other places, resulting in the excretion of metabolic waste in the human body, reducing the efficiency of metabolism, causing a slight accumulation of the body surface, and people will gain weight.


Puffy faces People with poor posture usually have weak or stiff muscles, and the facial muscles tend to relax and make people feel puffy.


Unfavorable postures such as double chin and neck extension can affect chin movement and blood circulation, and easily lead to accumulation of metabolic waste around the chin, forming a double chin.


O-legged young people’s O-legs are mostly due to posture errors, such as Ji Erlang’s legs, which lead to pelvic distortion.

A good sitting position should be with the upper body straight, with the head and body in a straight line, with your feet slightly open, and flat on the ground so that the upper body and thighs, thighs and calves, and calves and ankles are 90 degrees.

A good standing position should be that your feet are slightly separated, your abdomen is raised, your crotch is forward, the back of your head is vertical, forward, your calf, and the heel is in a straight line.


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