Love hurts and hurts

Love hurts and hurts

A study shows that people who surround love tend to become foolish. They are like “in the mist” and cannot extricate themselves.

Swiss neurologist Andreas?

Bartles believes that the moment people meet their lovers, a “storm” will form in the cerebellum, closing other chaotic functions of the nervous system.

    Bartles invited several volunteers to the laboratory to solve the problem for him.

In the process of solving the problem, he put photos of their lovers on the tables of some of them, and as a result, all the people with photos of lovers on the tables had poor results in solving the problems.

    Recently, a British medical research study found that love is also a kind of “illness”.

In some cases love can cause some damage to the heart like it is full of wine.

    It is believed that Freedom reported that, like previous research reports, falling in love brings physiological responses to human internal organs: excessive adrenal hormones, dilated pupils, accelerated heartbeat, excessive sweat, and so on.

The intensity of these reactions indicates that the tension and stress caused by love outweighs the stress that people face during exams or job interviews.

The relative harm of love is to the body’s organs. First, the metabolism slows down, the immune function weakens, and hormone secretion becomes unbalanced, which leads to systemic pain, followed by a chain reaction such as loss of appetite and work efficiency.

    ”We often see people who are heartbroken for love, and those who are severe can lead to high blood pressure and die.

“Martin of the National Institute of Justice in London?

Dr. Kaowei’s article in the British “Guardian” caused this phenomenon.

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