These foods are negative in calories.

These foods are “negative” in calories.

Enjoy food and slim body, think both?
It is a great pleasure to enjoy the food. The biggest worry is that you have a few pounds of fat in your waist.
However, as long as smart people master the nine major food tricks of “negative calorie food”, it is not impossible to eat more and thinner.
  First, celery broccoli chilled dish.
  This is a dish with almost no calories, full of vitamins and fiber, and very full, it looks white, green and green, quite refreshing and delicious. The only minor drawback is that there is no tempting taste. If you are not used to it, you can top it.Low calorie sauce.
  Second, scallops and mountains.
  Shansu is a kind of negative calorie food, and scallop is white meat. The scallops are both healthy and healthy, and have a positive effect on weight loss.
  Third, fresh fish fungus.
  Fungus is a high-fiber, negative-calorie diet, and fresh fish is red meat and white meat.
Deep-sea fish are red meat, and proper intake can help prevent cardiovascular disease, but for weight loss, white meat shallow water fish is also good.
  Fourth, kelp braised meat.
  Even if you lose weight, it is necessary to take in the right amount of meat and protein.
Pick lean meat, remove the visible oil on the braised meat, and replace the dried bean with kelp, because kelp is also a negative calorie, full of food and rich in dietary fiber.
  Five, sea cucumber bamboo shoots.
  Sea cucumber has a lot of gums, bamboo shoots are high-fiber foods, mushrooms are almost zero calories, three-in-one dishes, and a little soy sauce salt-saking sauce is a delicious and weight-loss cooking.

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