[Can children eat bananas just after birth]_ Postpartum consumption _ Impact

[Can children eat bananas just after birth]_ Postpartum consumption _ Impact

Childbirth is the last and most important step in a woman’s pregnancy.

What often happens is that some pregnant women do not have any problems during the entire pregnancy, but only unexpected problems occur when they reach birth.

However, the female body of the child just after birth is very weak, and you need to pay attention to health conditioning. Is it possible for the child to eat bananas just after birth?

Bananas contain a lot of cellulose and iron, which have a laxative effect.

Maternal can eat banana can be implanted into postpartum constipation and postpartum anemia.

Most women in bed confinement love bed rest, have poor peristalsis during hospitalization, and are prone to constipation. Bananas can be implanted for constipation.

Due to the loss of blood after production, blood is needed, and iron is one of the main raw materials for hematopoiesis. Therefore, eating more bananas can also supplement iron, so as to achieve the goal of anemia after production.

At the same time, pregnant women have more iron in pregnancy, and iron in milk sweat will also increase, which will also help prevent infant anemia.

Banana does not yet have an amino acid that can make people feel happy and peaceful. It can help the body make “happy hormones”, eliminate psychological stress, eliminate depression, make people happy, and have a positive effect on postpartum depression.

Bananas also contain potassium and magnesium. Potassium can fill the whole body with energy, while magnesium can eliminate fatigue. They can make people happier and help relieve postpartum depression.

Bananas also contain a variety of trace elements and vitamins.

Vitamin A can promote growth and increase resistance to disease.

Confinement mothers eating bananas can enhance their immunity, improve the quality of milk, and increase the baby’s resistance.

In general, bananas are cold fruits, and women should not eat more during confinement. One can be taken a day. If the spleen and stomach are cold, women with kidney disease should not eat it.

During confinement, bananas can be eaten with hot water, steamed, or eaten with banana porridge.

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