Be an urban ballet businesswoman

Be an urban ballet businesswoman

When it comes to ballet, the first thing that comes to mind is the professional dancers who tiptoe and dance “Swan Lake”.

But you know what?

Nowadays, the fitness ballet in the city is attracting many mature ladies because of its classical beauty and better fitness effect.

Recently, the reporter interviewed Yan Jinglian, a dance instructor who has long been a ballet fitness researcher, and several ladies who studied fitness ballet in tandem.

  There are many mature women among the learners According to coach Yan Jinglian, unlike some fast-paced aerobics, there are many mature women in their 30s and 40s who practice fitness ballet.

First, young people believe that they are more economically wealthy, and most of their children no longer rely on the mother’s care, so they must invest time and income into sports. Second, women of this age have begun to decline in physical fitness., Gradually moving forward to a higher body, the shape of the body gradually began to deform, muscles were loose, waist and abdomen accumulated faeces, and physical strength was not as good as before. At this time, fitness is the best and necessary way to delay aging.Some forty-year-old women have seen some drama scripts when they were young, and have a good impression of ballet. Therefore, it is considered that shaping the body in beautiful and soothing music and shaping sentiment is the best of both worlds.

  Fitness ballet can shape our body. The ballet we are talking about is not professional dance training like Swan Lake, but a dance that uses basic ballet skills for physical training and fitness training.

It is basically aerobics, and the rhythm is greatly soothing. It mainly starts from the inside, shapes people’s inner temperament, and cultivates people’s sense of music.

In addition to the effects of shaping and strengthening the body, this ballet can also cultivate people’s sentiments, learn the ability to perceive music, and improve their aesthetic level.

Soothing the tiredness of a day’s work and relaxing the tension of muscles in music, so as to achieve a comprehensive effect.

  What to Learn in a Fitness Ballet Class In a fitness ballet class, you must first learn some basic skills.

Coaches usually start with a “handle” movement, and the instructor learns the movements of hands and feet.

After mastering the basic movements, the coach will teach dance books based on common and familiar folk dance music.

It can eliminate the boring practice of basic movements, make the textbooks enhance the interest of practice, and enable the book to practice in love.

The pattern training of the human shoulders, hips, and waists through these dances can effectively strengthen the body’s flexibility.

Finally, with the help of aerobics and other training, the scholar’s ability to perceive the music melody is strengthened.

  Learning fitness ballet is not difficult. Fitness ballet is different from professional ballet dance training. An experienced fitness ballet coach will correct the training content and arrange it scientifically. He will perform progressive training according to the actual situation of the practitioner. Therefore, the coach will not ask for this.The book does some difficult movements like “controlling the legs”, which will not make the thigh muscles of this book too developed, nor will it rebound after stopping training.

  In addition, the training content takes into consideration the physical endurance of scholars of all ages, and the movements are fragile from easy to difficult. As long as the practitioner has perseverance, perseverance and persistence in practice, the best results can be achieved.

  Coach Yan said that in order to achieve good training results, there must be a certain amount of time guarantee, but it is not necessary to practice every day.

In general, ballet lessons are four sessions per week, two hours per session, and practitioners must attend more than two classes per week.

In addition, those who have the conditions can practice at home.

  Experience in practicing fitness ballet Case 1: Ms. Xiao, an educator, was recommended by a colleague. After half a year of study, I gained a deeper understanding of dance.

It turned out that ballet is a more elegant dance, far from our ordinary people, but in fact, I learned during the study. Fitness ballet uses ballet movements as the basic skills and integrates into the dance to achieve fitness through dance.the goal of.

  Case 2: Ms. Lin and Ms. Zhao retired employees We introduced them through friends.

We used to be busy at work and didn’t have time to learn. Now we have nothing to worry about.

Young people do aerobics with large range of movement and fast pace, which is not suitable for us. This kind of ballet rhythm is soothing, and with the guidance of experienced teachers, they don’t feel that they can’t keep up with their movements, and they get more and more addicted.

This can be regarded as a good way to relax and exercise!

  Case 3: Ms. Xu is a freelancer. I took a chance to study ballet. When I enrolled my child in a painting tutoring class, I saw the ballet tutoring enrollment notice and signed up.

The main purpose is to exercise, there is no such atmosphere in the home, and there is no teacher to teach. Here you can make friends or exercise systematically.

Through the exercise of not only shaping my body, but also making me more confident in my future life.

  Maybe amateurs are not as graceful as professional dancers, but through practice, they feel more comfortable and healthy, and they have found a space to show themselves.

In fact, every woman has her own stage, where they are dancing butterflies, and you can also find your own stage!

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